1: You Only Launch Once

Every launch takes a Village. Maxis found Will Wright met the guy who'd one day create "The Sims" for him at a party.

You Only Launch Once

Here’s the story of one launch that turned into a magical hell on wheels

In 2008 Jessica was wandering the jellyfish tanks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium at a TED Gala event, and bumped Into the well-regarded, wild-haired Yves Behar-the ultimate Industrial designer for Iconic products Including Jawbone, JAMBOX, and the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ XO  laptop. “How’d you like to design a motorcycle?”  she asked. Yves’s eyes lit up. He said he’d always wanted to design a bike.

This was a formative moment for our client Mission Motors, at the time in stealth mode developing the technology platform underneath what promised to be the world’s fastest off-the-line EV sportbike.

The team knew that despite the technological wizardry inside, the visual look and feel of the first-generation prototype would become the embodiment of the brand and, if done right. would give them an initial boost of attention.