11: Why PR Matters


Why PR Matters

For start-ups, launches can make or break you. For a large company, a successful product introduction is the difference between product life and death. Good PR allows you to thrive.

In our smartphone experience, we picked up 13% market share on PR alone within the first 3 months of launch. We knew this because there was no retail location and the advertising budget had not yet kicked in. It was difficult to purchase product and the company was struggling with its new website ecommerce aspect, yet still market share was won at launch.

“We’ve seen spikes in traffic every time we announce something,” according to Warner Philips, who’s part of a family lighting and electronics legacy, Philips Electronics. As a serial entrepreneur and founder he has effectively deployed PR as part of a core strategy with many of his companies. PR is not icing on the cake. PR is the batter. According to Warner, PR “is an invaluable component of the strategy of any company I will ever build.”