8: The Dirty Dozen & Kiss the Ring


The Dirty Dozen & Kiss the Ring

Influencers are extremely powerful In the clout they carry, and its important to know which ones have the power to take down your ideas (or build them up) before you launch. For that group, it pays to befriend and bring as many into your counsel as possible.

In the early days at Telsa Motors, there were many naysayers, but some concerned us more than others. We had our eye on Amory Lovins, the well-known physicist, energy advisor and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute, who at the time was a strong advocate for hydrogen vehicles over electric cars. Knowing how valuable it would be to tum him Into an EV advocate we invited Amory to come visit our facility, test drive the Tesla roadster prototype, and gain a deeper understanding of the potential of the electric drivetrain to impact transportation.

We successfully booked Amory for a Sunday visit to the office. Amory took a test drive, kicked the tires, discussed the electrification with the engineers and founding team, and ultimately was impressed enough that he decided that maybe EVs weren’t a lost cause after all.