3: Stay Stealthy?

The PlugShare charging app now boasts 11,000 stations--and Forrest has become a sought-after EV spokesperson

Stay Stealthy?

Stealth is important. Stealth keeps you fresh and becomes part of a strategic plan that takes advantage of a well-calculated, grand debut.

One of the first secrets of any successful launch is to remain veiled until you are ready—and then strategically time your introduction with a period of anticipation that culminates In a smashing premiere. This can be the TED stage, as in the case of Mission Motors, or any visible conference, tradeshow, or even a launch party you throw yourself.

We don’t believe in “beta” launches. A lack of focus and planning allows you to slip and slide your way to a sloppy launch. It’s fake, as much as it ss to coddle an egg in high school health class and think that you’ve just weaned a real baby.

Stay dark until dark is no longer working for you, and then leverage the launch. It’s one of the best freebies for media coverage and attention you'” ever get, and allows you to offer novelty—a tempting treat for media and conference marketers.