18: Pick a F*cking Great Spokesman

Remember to refresh the story after the investors have bought in. Don't make the mistake of using the same messaging you used to get investors behind you to launch the company. You need to remessage to talk benefit language and provide a compelling value to your customers and end users.

Pick a F*cking Great Spokesman

You need the best pitchman you can get your hands on. This is not always the CEO, but it must be the person who can sell the idea best.

With start-ups, that is usually one of the founders. Who else has better internalized the company’s story but the one who built the vision, and landed the early-stage funding?

Take Warner Philips. As a successful entrepreneur, Warner has a soft spot for green investments. His passion for the planet comes through loud and clear whether he’s discussing the energy savings of LEDs, his work to found and further the Cradle to Cradle Products Institute, or his advocacy of environmentally healthy and sustainable businesses.

A natural speaker, Warner has still needed to continue crafting his story over time. Warner is Dutch, so he had to learn what resonated with the US consumer market and speak to these messages and values. Over time, Warner has had to reengage with his story to address changes in the market, and his evolving role in it.