2: Naming



Forrest’s last name wasn’t always North. He called us about six months before we launched his then unnamed company Mission Motors and started telling us about how his fiancee Stacy, had proposed to him In a tree house. You might be thinking TMI at this point—why tell his communications agency about his marriage proposal?

He had good reason. For a year leading up to launch, we could not figure out what to name the company. We loved Forrest’s last name, Deuth, and thought ‘Deuth Motors’ conveyed strength and the personal founder’s level of commitment to what would be a deluxe, high-priced and high-performance electric vehicle.

But the modern couple twist was not that she proposed to him—it was that they wanted to combine their names, and create a new last name. They had chosen North as their new last name, and he wanted to know If that sounded like a good name for a motorcycle company. “North Motors?”