9: IPOs

Every time we assisted a company on trading day, it's like being present at a birth.


Since we believe the company is the most Iiportant product you have, an Initial Public Offering makes for the ultimate launch. When shares of the company switch from private to public, new disclosure rules apply, and the exchange you list on will provide the coming-out venue for the biggest party you will ever have. It’s all eyes on the company during this period, and you can’t say a thing!

The IPO timeline can be broken up Into three elements:

  1. The Quiet Period
    (includes 5-1 filing and all pre-IPO activities)
  2. Public listing event
  3. End of Quiet Period

By the way, exact timing subject to change and It Is always Important to check with legal counsel on all these dates and follow counsel’s recommendations.

Leading up to an IPO, even the best marketing teams can look like a deer in the headlights, because they are about to enter the Quiet Period: the black hole of all communications. It hits about 90 days leading up to an 5-1 filing, which is a legal filing with the SEC that signals a company’s intent to list as a publicly traded company.