14: Go Big


Go Big

You can’t underestimate the power of a big launch. For Justin Hall Tipping, that meant launching his concept on the TED stage. So how do you take a client from 0 to TED?

His firm, Nanoholdlngs, had all the ingredients of a good TED story. It’s the first-of-its-kind funding entity to work directly with nanotechnology research teams at the university level. Revenue shares are cut with universities and lead researchers because Justin believes great scientists attract the best, and he wants to make sure scientists have the resources to pursue alternative forms of technologies that address the world’s most pressing energy and water concerns.

Justin has the passion of a holy man trying to solve the energy crisis.

But passion and an innovative business model wouldn’t be enough to gain a place on the TED stage. To hook that opportunity, we had to help illustrate how amazing the nanotechnology work was. We could not have everyone see for themselves the research underway at the University of Texas, and University of Florida, and dozens of other facilities around the world.