15: Event or Not to Event?


Event or Not to Event?

Everyone loves a party. And hosting your own launch party can work wonders for building relationships and communicating on a more intimate level with important stakeholders.

We have a soft spot in our hearts for actual events. Tough as they can be to organize in the midst of a launch, they can be very useful to commemorate the big week. We are creatures of ritual, after all, and there’s something magical about celebrating the launch—with media, investors, and friends and family, everyone who helped the project.

The event doesn’t have to cost a lot, or be big.

PACT Apparel: We threw a launch party at Dwell magazine’s swanky headquarters in San Francisco. This was a see-and-be-seen scene on a rooftop garden to celebrate the launch of a new kind of underwear company.

Lemnis Lighting: When Warner Philips started a US-based office for Lemnis Lighting, and brought the first affordable LED bulb from the Netherlands, we threw a private launch party at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, right next door to West Coast Green.