13: Embargoed Information


Embargoed Information

Embargo [em-bahr-goh]

  1. A government order prohibiting the movement of merchant ships Into or out of Its ports
  2. A restraint or hindrance; prohibition
  3. A tried-and-true tactic to maximize attention at launch

Eric Kim was a scary client. He is CEO of Soraa, an LED innovator whose founders have pioneered an entirely new form of LED technology. That’s not what makes him scary. He’s intimidating because he is a CEO who likes to get his hands dirty in marketing. He’s the only CEO we’ve ever worked with who’s been the subject of a Harvard Business Review marketing case study, for his historic takedown of Sony at Samsung.

He knew you only launch onceā€”and the importance of making one unified, initial media splash. By tethering the launch to a predetermined date when a big story or event is planned to take place, we were able to plan for a series of media wins in a very short period.