19: Crisis in Your Future


Crisis in Your Future

If you anticipate a crisis of any kind, be prepared. A crisis can ruin a perfectly good launch. Our experience with smart meters tells the story.

In 2010, utilities nationwide began deploying smart meters. The devices have a two-way communications with a wireless network, in this case, one made by Silver Spring Networks, our client at the time.

Deploying a new energy efficient technology and providing the first upgrade to our national grid since it was installed nearly 100 years ago marked an important benefit.

Some utilities had invested resources, both on their own and from government grants, to educate their ratepayers on the value of the smart grid. And some did not. And those that didn’t paid a big price.

Pacific Gas & Electric neglected to tell its customers why it was converting to smart meters. The benefits were enormous on a national scale, including keeping peak power plants from being built, realizing efficiencies and improving national security and energy independence.